Lighting services in west alexandria, oh

Lawn care comes in many different forms, each with its own unique purpose to fulfill. When it comes to irrigation services implemented by Green Acres Irrigation & Lighting in West Alexandria, OH, you’re truly getting a unique lawn care experience. Our expansive list of services will ensure your lawn and property receive the proper amount of water through our sprinkler irrigation systems.


Sprinkler irrigation, or overhead irrigation, has various uses, from residential to agricultural, and we can provide the right irrigation installation for your needs. Our systems are efficient in producing adequate amounts of water to keep your lawn healthy. If you’ve experienced over-watering due to a lack of properly installed drainage or a previous irrigation system, you can count on us to correct the issue. We have excavation equipment primed to move the earth for proper removals and fast installations.


We also offer services for lighting pathways along your property with our quality and highly efficient light fixtures. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a newly designed walkway through your backyard or you need your property to be lit after the sun sets, you’ll receive a professionally installed lighting system from our professional lighting contractor.


When you want your lawn, crops or property to be the best they can be, call us, the premier irrigation system installer in Preble County. Our team here at Green Acres Irrigation & Lighting will make sure you’re saving on your water bill and your lawn care.

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Grading System Installation & Service

Exterior Lighting Installation & Service

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